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Let Our Experience
be Your Guide.
We have professional lawyers to taking care our clients. Make an Appoinment
Let Our Experience
be Your Guide.
We have professional lawyers to taking care our clients. Make an Appoinment

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To understand your working better we need to know more about your working. Please go further to complete the online form in order to get to know your business better. According to your needs and requirements we will recommend the right law firm or lawyer who will get in touch with you.

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To find an attorney matched to your needs, a lawyer referral service can help. Norakseng Law Firm certifies these services so that they can operate in Cambodia. They must meet certain standards to be certified.

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Norakseng Law Firm certifies attorneys who specialize in certain areas of the law. Our online specialist search enables you to find local specialists in the area of law most relevant to your needs.

Why Choose AttorneyPress

When attorneys hold press conferences regarding their clients’ legal disputes, they need not only be persuasive. They must be ethical and avoid defaming others.

We have best Attorneys Team

Attorneys provide clients, which may be private citizens or businesses, with legal advice and may represent them in civil or criminal trials. These legal experts may also be known as Lawyers.

Best Case Strategy

From our experience, one of the biggest concerns that lawyers have when it comes to dealing with the media, is that their comments might be misreported or used out of context.

Review your Case Documents

Often, document reviewers are attorneys who understand the legal and factual issues in the litigation and can make the necessary judgment calls as to privilege and responsiveness.

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About Us


Our Vision

We are passionate about the law and matching the absolute Best Attorneys with new clients. Our promise is to offer the very best and up to date Best of the Best Attorney legal database and to consistently exceed your expectations of what the legal professional and your experience with it can and should be.


As we see that Cambodians today do not yet have a broad understanding of legal issues, our company aims to:
• Strengthen the capacity to expand the capacity of staff to develop legal skills.

• Establish training courses for traders, employees of various institutions to know about the law.
• There will be more training courses for people in the districts and villages.


In response to the company’s goals and strategic plans, the staff of Norasing Law Firm agreed to develop a number of action plans, including an action plan for promoting the company’s services and an action plan for capacity building. To strengthen work capacity.

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